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A Message to Vendors

by Brian Petzold | Jun 11, 2021

The Policy Labyrinth

by Brian Petzold | Apr 30, 2021

You started with an Information Security Policy that covered the basics. Then one day an auditor walked in and asked to see your Data Destruction Policy, so you wrote one. In the next exam,...

Learning Not to Trust

by Brian Petzold | Apr 9, 2021

Most of our IT infrastructures were built to trust. From the time users sign on in the morning until they log off at the end of the day, the network trusts them as well as the computer that they...

What is "Best Practice"?

by Brian Petzold | Mar 5, 2021

Over the years, I have become wary of the term “best practice” when it is applied to technology and cybersecurity. The term “best practice” is supposed to mean that what is being described aligns...

Guidance on Obsolete Encryption Protocols

by Brian Petzold | Jan 22, 2021

Networks rely on encryption to ensure that data is kept private and cannot be changed while at rest or in transit. In most cases this encryption utilizes certificates, and these certificates in...

Mitigating Supply Chain Attacks

by Brian Petzold | Dec 30, 2020


The Powerful GLBA Board Report

by Brian Petzold | Dec 11, 2020

When the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was implemented, each regulatory agency adopted a set of interagency guidelines and regulations required for compliance with the provisions of the Act. Within each...

Inherent and Residual Risk

by Brian Petzold | Nov 13, 2020

Asset Management Lessons Learned from Morgan Stanley

by Brian Petzold | Oct 16, 2020

Asset Management is one of the foundations of a sound Information Security Program, but it is also often neglected in the rush to replace or decommission systems. Every IT Manager has been through...


by Brian Petzold | Sep 25, 2020

We recently have seen an increase in “typosquatting” activity targeting financial institutions. Typosquatting is when someone registers a domain with a name that is very similar to the legitimate...

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