We've taken our latest whitepaper and published it into a book!

About the book:

Banking on Security: The Outsourced CISO Solution is a comprehensive guide that delves into the vital role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) within financial institutions. This book explores the strategic importance of cybersecurity in the banking sector and emphasizes the benefits of opting for an outsourced CISO model. Through in-depth analysis and real-world examples, it provides financial institutions with the knowledge they need to understand the challenges, responsibilities, and best practices associated with this critical position. Whether you're a decision-maker in a bank or a cybersecurity professional, this book equips you with insights to effectively navigate the evolving landscape of banking security. 


About the Author

Chris_Headshot_ThumbnailChristopher Bedel has a Business degree from Purdue University with a minor in MIS and holds the CISM certification. He started Bedel Security in March 2015, with the mission to help banks and credit unions proactively manage their information security programs by providing services to fill and/or support the CISO and ISO functions.


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