Video Blog: CISO Intangibles The Importance of Good Communication

by Chris Bedel | Sep 8, 2017

It's tough to be effective as a CISO if you can't get your message across to other areas of the bank.  How you do it is important as well.  This video explains why communication is so vital to effective CISOs and 4 things to do to improve your communication skills.

You know that we believe that every financial institution should have access to strong leadership in their cybersecurity program and we want help by either filling that role virtually as a service or by coaching and developing in-house CISOs and ISOs.

From a coaching perspective, we've seen the same mistakes time and time again, and not surprisingly, they often are rooted in the soft skills. Each video in this series is aimed at a particular skill or intangible that we feel every CISO needs to be successful.

And it's only 3 minutes long...


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