For Banks and Credit Unions:

Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

We’ve created an excel based tool for banks and credit unions who want to easily create a brief, high-level report for the Board of Directors to clearly communicate the cybersecurity posture of their organization (as guided by the FFIEC).

We promise it will save you time and a headache. To date, our tool has been downloaded over 600 times by banks and credit unions across the country and we continually receive feedback like the following:

“This is wonderful! Even more than I was expecting! Thank you as this will save me a lot of time!”
Roger Chalkley, IT Director at a bank in Indiana

Responding to requests and suggestions from our clients, we decided to create an updated version of our previous excel spreadsheet to further streamline the process and make analysis and reporting of cybersecurity preparedness to the Board as easy and informative as possible. This version also includes the May 2017 update by the FFIEC.

“I think it’s a great document that will assist several individuals and organizations to both assess and implement sufficient controls within their organization.”
Mark, VP of Information Security at a bank in Utah

Our tool makes it simple: answer the questions, determine where you need to improve, assign the action items to get you to your goals and print the 1-page summary and Action Items. We’ve also created a concise (under 4 min) video to demonstrate how to use this tool and show you how easy it makes reporting on your FI’s cybersecurity.



Best of all, this tool is still free to those who promise to use it only for good.

Regulators will ask to see yours in your next IT examination, don’t wait any longer, request the tool below and get started today.

“Thank you for developing this tool!”
David, Sr. Vice President of Audit at a trust company in Virginia 

Try Our Cybersecurity Assessment Tool Out For Yourself

Or email us at requesting it be securely sent to you via ShareFile.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, this tool only works in Excel.  Sorry OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Numbers users (I’m sure I’m leaving someone out)!