We believe community banking is critical to the economy, as well as the families and businesses they serve. We believe that information security is important to the well-being of those financial institutions. And we believe that community banks should have an independent, qualified, CISO guiding them through the cybersecurity landscape, regardless of their size, geography, or current job market.

The Bedel Security Difference

Proprietary CySPOT™ platform built for the banking industry by experienced CISOs.

We’ve taken our tried and true CySPOT™ Methodology and turned it into a one-of-a-kind platform. It’s designed by veteran CISOs and built from the ground up with the sole purpose of managing the information security program for a community financial institution.


Specialized focus exclusively on banks and credit unions.

We have a passion for the community banking industry and its been our guiding light since our founding in 2015. We are dedicated to serving that industry through our flagship virtual CISO offerings.

A team approach with an unparalleled level of expertise.

We dedicate at least two people to each institution with at least one of them holding a relevant, senior-level certification. Our processes provide continuity to our customers in the event of loss of personnel.

Check out our newest free resource, The Virtual CISO Whitepaper! It contains everything a financial institution needs to know about filling this critical role.

Our Services



                            Virtual CISO Services  

Our Virtual CISO (vCISO) services are a culmination of our numerous years of experience in financial institutions, our unparalleled level of expertise, and our proprietary CySPOT™ platform broken down into our base vCISO advisory service along with additional modules that can be added in any combination to best fit the needs and budget of your financial institution.


CISO Mentor  

We know the journey as a CISO can be lonely. Sometimes it feels like the fate of your entire financial institution is resting solely on your shoulders. You can keep your skills sharp and attend webinars and conferences, but yet at the end of the day, it all falls on you., right?  But what if you had a sounding board or a trusted colleague to bounce ideas off of?


The CISO Assessment  

Ever wonder what your information security program looks like from the eyes of an experienced CISO? This is the opportunity for you to do just that. Our CISO Assessment is an independent practical overview of where your program stands and where it can improve, customized to the size and complexity of your financial institution.



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What Our Clients Say

Kevin B.

VP, Director of Information Technology | Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co. | Kentucky


“I learned of Bedel Security through a peer bank in Lexington, KY. I contacted them to discuss an assessment of my Vulnerability and Patch Management initiatives. They listened carefully,
provided recommendations and scoped the engagement accordingly. I found the team to be very professional and knowledgeable and their communication was excellent. They outlined their assessment process (Tasks & Timelines) during the initial kickoff meeting and engaged immediately."

David M.

IT Manager | Putnam-Greene Financial Corporation | Georgia

“Your direction and guidance gave us great insight into creating a fully robust information security program at our bank. Our last exam by the Federal Reserve Bank was complex and thorough but because of the preparation and education on your part we passed with flying colors. I believe being able to talk through our exam requirements and requests with you led to our success. We are grateful for your help and would recommend Bedel to anyone looking to improve their information security program.”

Amanda B.

VP Audit/Compliance Union Savings and Loan Association | Indiana


“Bedel Security was referred to us by a fellow community bank. Their service proved invaluable and could not have come at a better time. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Christy C.

EVP/CTO | Springfield State Bank | Kentucky


“Bedel Security worked with my staff to get things fine-tuned so we aren’t just “checking off boxes” but truly have an understanding of the “whys”. Our consultant sat down with our team to get a thorough understanding of our individual network, then gave us recommendations for perfecting it. When he left, I felt that we had a seasoned, trained professional to coach us on tightening all of our standards to excellence.

It means so much that their CEO, Chris used to be a banker. He understands the specific security challenges and risks that banks face if their network policies and procedures are not top-notch. I can highly recommend Bedel Security for working with your IT staff to make it the very best it can be.”

Christy S., PHR

Executive Vice President Operations | The Napoleon State Bank | Indiana


“I appreciate Bedel Security’s passion and drive to help us stay ahead of Cyber Security issues that banks face. They recommend solutions that make sense for community banks. The Bedel Security team is experienced, dedicated, service-oriented, and an asset to our bank.”

Steve V.

CFO | City National Bank | Illinois


"Bedel Security has been a great partner to our bank with their virtual CISO services. They do an excellent job and it gives me confidence that we are doing all we can in this extremely important area.  They allow me to focus on my other responsibilities at the bank."

Eric L.

President & CEO | First Federal Savings Bank of Washington | Indiana

“Working with Chris and the team at Bedel Security has been a great experience for us. When we first considered outsourcing our ISO duties we were a little hesitant, as we've always been an "in-house" organization when it comes to this aspect of business. They have been a pleasure to work with and have taken the time to coordinate our ISO reporting needs to our Board, our vendors, and have patiently trained us along the way. I highly recommend considering this team for your virtual ISO needs!”

Diana E.

SVP, Technology Services Manager | Sound Community Bank | Washington


“Our team couldn’t be happier with the services provided by Bedel Security. Our bank was looking for a virtual Chief Information Officer as well as assistance revamping our existing information security strategy. Bedel Security has more than delivered on both accounts.

Bedel Security provided us with a clear and concise roadmap to an improved information security program, including updated policies, procedures, and risk assessments. We now have a dedicated virtual Chief Information Security Officer who is actively engaged in our overall risk management program and meets regularly with our information security committee, including providing information about the current trends and threats in the marketplace. I appreciate the professionalism and capability with which Bedel Security approaches information security and risk assessment. Our information security program is now clearly defined, fully documented, and easily followed by internal employees, board members, and external auditors.”


Frank S.

AVP, CAO | Pioneer Bank | New York


“Bedel Security does an amazing job ensuring our Financial Institution is doing what is required for the extensive regulatory requirements at the State and Federal levels. We rely on their knowledge and understanding of complex systems and they have not let us down.


Banking on Security: The Outsourced CISO Solution

Your bank or credit union needs to have someone proactively managing your cybersecurity program. 

That person is a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and every financial institution is required to have one.

This whitepaper outlines the role of the CISO and helps you explore the alternatives in filling that role. Specifically, exploring the option of outsourcing CISO/ISO services via a virtual CISO.

You can find out more information about whether a vCISO is the right fit for your financial institution by reading our newest whitepaper, Banking on Security: The Outsourced CISO Solution. Get your own copy here!