Surviving The Post Pandemic Landscape

12 Technologies That Every Community Financial Institution Should Be Thinking About


What will it take for community financial institutions to survive in this post pandemic landscape? Or more importantly, what will it take for them to be successful?

It’s important that community banks and credit unions take the time to think about these 12 technologies. Why?

  • Examiners will expect to see that you’ve taken a hard look at your pandemic capabilities. What you had in place won’t be enough in the future.
  • The next time this happens, your customers will have higher expectations of you. This time, it came without warning.  This time, everyone had a legitimate excuse.  That won’t be the case next time.  Your larger competitors already have these things in place and will be more prepared to leverage them the next time around.
  • Employees have had their eyes opened to the possibilities of a more flexible work from home environment. You’ll need to be able to compete with that or stand to lose some of your best people.