The CySPOT™ eBook

A Detailed look at our CySPOT™ Program

Taking our 35 years of experience in cybersecurity and what we had learned from being virtual CISOs in banks and credit unions, we created our proprietary CySPOT™ program. It cuts through all the fluff of most other virtual CISO services and gets down to the essentials of what actually keeps banks and credit unions secure from both hackers and regulators.

Here's a few of the topics we cover:

  • The CISO Role
  • How Does a Virtual CISO Fit in?
  • The Common Problem with the Virtual CISO Offering
  • The CySPOT™ Program
  • A Closer Look at the CySPOT™ Modules
  • The CySPOT™ Difference
  • CySPOT™ Pricing
  • Our CySPOT™ Guarantee